Hubbard Woods Park Shelter – Village of Winnetka

Hubbard Woods Park’s existing structures – the warming shelter and gazebo – are in various states of disrepair, and as a result are significantly under-utilized. Rehabilitation of these structures was examined by the Park District, however it was determined that given the limited usefulness of the building, the cost to rehabilitate the park shelter would not be cost effective. Ultimately, it was determined that the most beneficial option for the park would be to develop a new shelter with updated facilities, including restrooms, park district storage space, and performance areas, enabling it to serve as a key landmark and gathering point within the Hubbard Woods District. To achieve this goal, the Park Land Use Master Plan studied several potential locations for a new and ultimately concluded that a centrally located structure could provide the same function as both the existing warming hut and gazebo combined.

The shelter is composed of three primary elements: a) Open Stage, b) Restrooms and c) Storage / Mechanical Space. The Open Stage is slightly larger than the existing gazebo, but is more open, lending itself to a greater variety of performances and presentations. The Restrooms provide accessible facilities for all users of the park and are placed adjacent to the relocated playground area. The Storage / Mechanical Space serves two functions: providing storage area for the stage to allow for a greater variety of use, and providing mechanical space to serve the proposed splash pad, a new amenity in the park.

We are also working with The Lakota Group in relocating the playground to a more favorable location as well as modifying the pathways and landscaping around the park.

The overall goal for this project is to give the visitors to Winnetka a functional and inviting area to spend time with family and friends.Untitled-1


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